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A.R.K. Issue 333


Image of A.R.K. Issue 333

You remember those classic British anthology comics – Eagle, Battle, Tornado? Well, whether you do or not, the creative team of A.R.K do and that is what they have set out to create.

Coming to the world, for the first time - Issue 333 of A.R.K, the latest issue of the longest running anthology comic that you’ve never heard of.

In the finest traditions of the classics some stories will be ending, some stories beginning, and some will be somewhere in between. A.R.K crosses genres – from derring-do in the deep void with a Paladin of Charlemagne, emperor of space, to the adventures of The Red Menace a super-powered tearaway turned would be hero faced with his greatest challenge to date. From the trials and tribulations of the Platinum Angels - the most famous girl band/mecha pilots in the solar system - to the debut of Gymshoe, a determined young detective in the finest traditions of Playground Noir.

A.R.K, all the adventure and excitement that we, under the watchful eye of vigilant editor Robot George could squeeze into 24 pages.

The return – for the first time - of new-style, old skool comics.

Full Colour cover, black and white interiors with spot colour. 24 pages

Printed on newsprint.

Comic will be shipped in a card backed envelope to avoid unnecessary damage.